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August 12, 2017
Santa Fe Gallery - Adobe & Turquoise
Santa Fe Gallery, Adobe & Turquoise
August 15, 2017
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Santa Fe Photos – The City Different!

Photographing Santa Fe, New Mexico

Welcome to Santa Fe, New Mexico!

These photos of Santa Fe highlight the beauty and personality of this jewel of New Mexico. And what a colorful jewel it is! It benefits from an amalgam of cultural influences, each contributing to the history and beauty of this lovely city. Ancient Puebloan villages once populated this area of New Mexico. Their heritage is clearly seen in Santa Fe’s Pueblo-Revival style architecture. Santa Fe later became the capital of Spain’s southwestern territories and was later governed by Mexico. It became the state capital when the territory of New Mexico achieved statehood in 1912.

Photographing Santa Fe, New Mexico

The photo above shows one of the more than 100 art galleries located on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico. – Download this photo for personal use.

The Native American people of the pueblos have artistic traditions in pottery, weaving and jewelry-making that date back more than a millennium. The Spanish settlers of the 17th century brought artistic traditions from Spain and Mexico. Add to this the influx of painters and writers from the east coast of the United States during the early 20th century, including Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz. Not surprisingly, this region rapidly became one of the most important art centers in America. Santa Fe, New Mexico is the third largest art market in America, behind New York City and Los Angeles, and is a UNESCO City of Crafts and Folk Art & City of Design.

Santa Fe Outdoor Market, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico has outdoor craft vendors in its downtown markets offering a beautiful array of colors and textures to entice the eye! This market is located in downtown Santa Fe across the street from the landmark La Fonda hotel. The products reflect the Native American, Spanish and Mexican influences that shape local culture. –Download this photo for personal use.

A Santa Fe Day Trip

Santa Fe is well known for its Pueblo-Revival architecture. This style of building was developed by the early ancestral Pueblo peoples of the southwest and was later adopted by Spanish missionaries in the 17th Century. In 1957, a committee led by John Gaw Meem drafted the Historical Zoning Ordinance in Santa Fe. This ordinance mandated the use of the “Old Santa Fe Style,” which encompassed “so-called Pueblo, Pueblo-Spanish or Spanish-Indian and Territorial styles,” on all new buildings in central Santa Fe. This ordinance remains in effect, giving Santa Fe its distinct architecture. The photo above shows a home built in the classic Pueblo-Revival style. –Download this photo for personal use.

Santa Fe, New Mexico Garden

The above photo shows a restful garden setting on Canyon Road in Santa Fe. This is the courtyard for a group of art galleries photographed on a late summer day. These charming cottages served as homes in times past and are now art galleries and studios. The lush flora of the Sangre de Cristo foothills is the perfect compliment for the pueblo style cottages. –Download this photo for personal use.

Home Beautiful, Santa Fe, New Mexico

To my eye, the Canyon Road home featured in the photo above  is one of the most beautiful in all of Santa Fe. It is not the largest or the most luxurious. Rather, it is a stunning example of architecture inspired by the Anasazi pueblo dwellers who culture shaped this area long before the first Europeans arrived.  The classic pueblo colors and textures are perfectly wedded to its high desert environs. Its charm is timeless! –Download this photo for personal use.

Canyon Road Cafe, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Along with its world-class art galleries, Santa Fe offers an enviable range of world-class dining options. Whether you have a yearning for local New Mexico specialties or haute-cuisine, you will find it here. Innovative Southwestern fare created by award-winning chefs and hearty New Mexico dishes such as breakfast burritos and green chile stew are reason enough for Santa Fe to have earned a prominent place on the world’s culinary map. If you’re hungry for Asian, French, Italian, Indian or Middle Eastern cuisine, you’ll find them all here as well. The photo above shows one of the many beautiful cafes located in downtown Santa Fe. –Download this photo for personal use.

New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Are museums your thing? Santa Fe has something for everyone! On almost any given day here you might find yourself browsing among prehistoric ceramic pottery, an expansive collection of Brazilian folk art, and cutting-edge modern photography exhibits. The photo above shows the New Mexico Museum of Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This timeless building was constructed in 1917 and represents (to my eye) one of the finest examples of Pueblo Revival Style architecture. Designed by Issac Rapp, it borrows from Native American and  Spanish Colonial design styles. Its warm Adobe textures are complimented by the clear blue New Mexico sun. –Download this photo for personal use.

Santa Fe, New Mexico Antiques

Reflecting the international influences that are represented in Santa Fe, the photo above shows an antiques & home decor dealer showroom in the downtown district. –Download this photo for personal use.

Canyon Road Gallery, Santa Fe

This photo shows a detail from a Canyon Road gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The interplay of earthy colors and textures makes this quiet setting so appealing! Simple, tasteful adornment that compliments its high-desert setting is a hallmark of ‘Santa Fe Style.’ Download this Canyon Road photo for personal use.

Santa Fe in Repose

The photo above was captured in the late fall. It shows downtown Santa Fe in repose. The cafe has yet to open, and the flora of summer is gone. Yet, the golden New Mexico sun gives this scene an inviting, warm glow. Santa Fe is an inviting travel destination all year round! Download this Fall Santa Fe photo for personal use.

All of the photos above are by Don Peterson (the man in the white hat) and are free to download for personal use (please contact me before using my images commercially). More photos to come so please bookmark this page and return soon. If you like this page, please share or tweet using the Social Media buttons below. Thanks!