April 29, 2017
Yellow Daisies

Stop The Upgrade Madness!

You need pro level equipment to get the best results… You really can’t do much with the kit lens that came with your camera… Buy my […]
April 29, 2017
Old Town, Albuquerque, New Mexico color

Old Town Albuquerque Color

The brilliant colors of shawls in a Old Town, Albuquerque, New Mexico Native American gift shop glisten in the afternoon sun. The backdrop of warm Adobe […]
April 28, 2017
Jemez Red Rock, New Mexico Photography

Jemez Red Rock, New Mexico

The Jemez Mountains offers some of the most diverse landscapes in New Mexico. Located west of Santa Fe, this area is popular for fishing and camping, […]
April 28, 2017
The Chili Patch, Albuquerque, New Mexico Photography

Albuquerque Chili Patch

Old Town, Albuquerque, New Mexico is the oldest and most colorful section of this historic southwestern city. It contains buildings that date back to the late […]
April 19, 2017
Best Cheap Lens for Flower Photography

The Best Cheap Lens For Flower Photos

Look at the beautiful flower in the photo above. This image was captured outdoors at a botanic garden. Notice how the stamen is in sharp focus […]
April 13, 2017
Tulips ABQ BioPark, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Spring Tulips at the BioPark

The ABQ BioPark in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a high-desert botanic garden that features a lovely display of spring tulips every April. This is a favorite […]
April 4, 2017
Pink Cherry Blossoms & Buds

Pink Cherry Blossoms & Buds

Today is a beautiful day! The cherry blossom buds in Branch Brook Park, Newark, NJ have started to blossom, giving the assurance that soon we will be […]
April 3, 2017
Native American Headdress - Santa Fe, New Mexico

Native American Headdress

This stunning Native American headdress was photographed in an art gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Santa Fe celebrates the creativity of Native American artists and […]
April 1, 2017
Santa Fe, New Mexico, Cattle Skull

Santa Fe Cattle Skull

This photo shows a colorful cattle skull seen adorning a gift shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Downtown Santa Fe is, to my eye, one of […]