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’56 Chevy, Route 66
March 18, 2017
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Free Cherry Blossoms Wallpaper #2
March 28, 2017
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Amazon Prints – A Review

Amazon Prints Review

Nothing makes a favorite photo come to life quite like a beautiful print. A glossy print in the hand (or mounted on the wall) is worth more than seeing the same image on Instagram, Facebook or other online photo sharing services. Amazon Prints is a new digital photo print service offered by the monster online retailer. The prices are low and the uploading and ordering process could not be simpler. Plus, if you are an Amazon Prime member, the shipping is free. All good so far… But how is the quality?

Amazon Prints Review

Beautiful Photo Prints from Amazon Prime!

As a fairly experienced photographer, I have high expectations when it comes to photo prints. In past years, it has at times been a hit and miss prospect to find a low-cost photo print service that gets the color, saturation and sharpness of digital photo prints just right. I like cheap prints, but I want quality as well. Well, I’ve found it!

I took advantage of a limited-time sale price of 1 cent per print for 4×6 size photos offered by Amazon earlier this month by uploading ten of my favorite images from StylePeterson.com. These photo are all standard sRGB jpeg images shot from a variety of DSLR and film cameras. In less than a week after ordering (standard shipping $4.00 for 100 prints) an Amazon envelope was in my mailbox full of gorgeous prints.

I love the results! The color rendition, saturation and detail are perfect! Some of my prints can be seen in the photo above. Really, even with my critical eye, I could not be happier with the results. The photo paper quality is excellent as well!

Amazon’s prices are so low (4×6 photo prints start at 9 cents each) that ordering prints can become addictive. The quality is so high that this becomes a better option than buying a consumer quality photo printer and making prints at home. You will have better and more cost effective image quality and photo paper when ordering from Amazon Prints.

A quick tip: It does not appear that Amazon adds any sharpening to photos. If you shoot standard jpeg images from your camera, most have an appropriate amount of sharpening automatically added to your images. However, if you shoot raw images and process them in a photo editor like Adobe Lightroom, be sure to add sharpening for print before uploading the images to Amazon. The free images offered here on StylePeterson.com are optimized for printing on Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prints is a great low-cost photo print service that is easy to use and produces excellent results. Highly recommended!