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Affinity Photo for Windows Review

Affinity Photos for Windows Review

Affinity Photos for Windows Review

This is a game-changer. Affinity Photo for Windows is a professional photo editing software that offers a true alternative to Adobe Photoshop on the Windows platform. Other software programs have made that claim before but this is the first to live up to it. Plus, Affinity Photo is affordable… no, make that downright cheap when compared to its industry standard big brother. First, let’s consider what Affinity Photo is and secondly if it is right for you.

What is Affinity Photo?

Created by Serif Ltd, out of the UK, Affinity Photo is a full-featured photo editing software. It offers the full-functionality of Adobe Photoshop for photo editing, including raw file processing, adjustment layers, and Photoshop plugin compatibility. Serif was one of those companies I never quite took seriously in the past. It offered low-end consumer grade desktop publishing and photo-editing tools that serious photographers would never consider. That was then… this is now. Affinity Photo is a polished class-leading software that serious photo editors will love!

I tested Affinity Photo on a 64-bit Windows 10 desktop computer with 4GB of ram.  Four things stood out in my results. It is fast and bloat-free. It is intuitive. The results are stunning. Everything from the raw file conversion to the quality of files generated by this tool stand out as polished. This is a serious, highly capable toolkit for photographers at all levels.

Affinity Photo for Windows - Sample File

Is Affinity Photo for You?

For years I worked as a freelance graphic and web designer. My skills had to include full proficiency with industry standard tools, Adobe Photoshop being the foremost. If you are a working design professional you may be inclined to add Affinity Photo to your toolkit, but it will not replace your Photoshop anytime soon. However, for the rest of us who are photographic hobbyists at various levels, Affinity Photo is a very, very appealing alternative to Photoshop. It is every bit as capable as Photoshop, with quite a few extra goodies thrown in. Plus, you are not held in eternal financial bondage to Adobe paying a monthly subscription fee. Affinity Photo can be had for a one-time price of only $49.99 (US). Hallelujah!

Download the free 10-day trial of Affinity Photo for Windows and try it for yourself. You will love it!