About StylePeterson Photography

Love where life takes you. Wherever you find yourself, look for the good and the beauty, and be thankful when you find it. I have been privileged not only to spend most of my life in New York City, but also, to spend a good number of years exploring the Southwestern United States. I have loved it all. I acquired a love for photography during a three month cross-country drive from New York to California nearly two decades ago. Since then, I have used a camera to capture the beauty that is often taken for granted around us.

StylePeterson.com features the fine art photography of Don Peterson I have sampled rugged western ghost towns, majestic red rock vistas, snow-capped mountains, delicate spring cherry blossoms, and so much more. I have learned to love green chili and to avoid cholla cactus. I have stared coyotes in the face and gingerly avoided rattlers. Share my journey as I share beautiful photographic memories that you may enjoy making a part of your life as well.

Don Peterson