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Olympus E-300 Kodak Sensor
That Lovely Kodak Sensor
September 21, 2016
Pink Tulips. Botanic Garden

Cheap is good...

This photo was shot with a used Minolta X-700 film SLR I purchased for $35.00, mated to the 50mm F1.7 kit lens. I used a roll of Kodak Ultracolor 400 ASA negative film to test the camera (nearly a decade ago). The camera body was not stopping down the lens properly, forcing me to shoot everything at the maximum aperture. But that lens! Wow! This photo, shot at F1.7, showcases its virtues.

The film was scanned on a Nikon Coolscan V film scanner (the most expensive photo gear I've ever purchased at just over $400). Yes, cheap is good!